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/An addiction to drugs and alcohol can be very isolating. Often, women with substance abuse disorders feel that there is no one to turn to for support. If you believe that you may have an addiction and you feel alone, don’t lose hope. The staff at Painted Desert Recovery want you to know that there is help available for you.

For most people who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, feelings of isolation are common. One of the most effective methods to deal with these feelings is to enroll in a group therapy program at a professional substance abuse treatment center. Painted Desert Recovery has a women’s group therapy program in Utah that can facilitate encouragement and connectedness to aid in the recovery process. First, though, it is essential to understand what a group therapy program is.

What Is a Group Therapy Program?

A group therapy program is a core part of addiction treatment at Painted Desert Recovery. This therapeutic approach allows you to receive support while also giving and receiving feedback in a safe and open environment. You can learn from the experiences of others while building a network of people committed to recovery.

Groups can also act like families and friends when you may need it the most. If you feel isolated and lonely, a group can be a place where you can find others who truly understand you and offer love and support. Being a part of a therapy group also gives you the opportunity to practice healthy behaviors that do not involve drugs or alcohol.

Benefits of a Group Therapy Program

There are numerous benefits to Painted Desert Recovery’s women’s group therapy program in Utah. Once enrolled in a group therapy program, you start to feel the positive effects almost immediately.

Some of the benefits of our group therapy program include:

  • You form a sense of contribution and belonging.
  • You have the opportunity to form a support system with other women in similar situations.
  • You learn new techniques and resources to maintain recovery.
  • You discover how to develop healthier coping skills and recovery behaviors.
  • You receive helpful feedback from both your therapist and peers.
  • You can share your emotions and issues in a non-judgmental setting.

Painted Desert Recovery’s team is committed to helping you to achieve your recovery goals with a group therapy program or any of our other programs as well. We create a treatment plan for each client that meets their specific needs in recovery.

Choose Painted Desert Recovery, the Ideal Environment for Group Therapy

The group therapy program is only one of the programs available at Painted Desert Recovery. We are located in New Harmony, Utah, surrounded by Pine Mountain, the Bumblebee Range, and Kolob Canyon. The natural beauty of the area is the perfect setting for addiction recovery. The peacefulness that the environment provides is conducive to serenity and reflection.

Our outstanding staff wants your experience in recovery to be uplifting and empowering. We want to regain your self-confidence and self-esteem. Recovery can give you a new perspective on life and allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Explore How a Group Therapy Program Can End Your Addiction

The group therapy program at Painted Desert Recovery allows women to form healthy relationships with others who have similar journeys. Our group therapy program also teaches women how to avoid triggers in their lives and how to prevent relapses.

If you are interested in Painted Desert Recovery’s women’s group therapy program in Utah, contact our team today by calling 844.540.0357 or completing our confidential online form.