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Discover What Makes Paint Desert Recovery Unique

/There are people across the country trying to end an addiction to drugs or alcohol on their own. They may feel that others won’t understand their situation or that addiction can be overcome through sheer willpower.

Not only are these misconceptions false, but they can be dangerous. Trying to stop an addiction to drugs or alcohol on your own can have severe medical complications. However, help is available. Addiction can be treated if it is done in an appropriate setting with professional expertise. Painted Desert Recovery offers an array of addiction therapy programs administered by staff that have years of experience in addiction recovery.

The Painted Desert Recovery Difference

Painted Desert Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in New Harmony, Utah. Our women-only facility is surrounded by the peaks of Pine Mountain, Bumblebee Range, and Kolob Canyon. This gorgeous natural environment enhances the serenity and peace of mind of our clients.

What sets Painted Desert Recovery apart is our dedicated staff. Our staff is committed to helping all of our clients through the recovery process. We tailor individualized treatment plans for each of our clients, so your recovery needs will be met.

Addiction Therapy Programs at Painted Desert Recovery

Our Painted Desert Recovery team provides a number of addiction therapy programs to aid in our clients’ recovery.

Some of our addiction therapy programs include:

  • Trauma-Informed Therapy – Addiction often stems from traumatic events of the past. When emotional pain is addressed, the need to abuse drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism lessens.
  • Nutritional Therapy – One of the innovative programs at Painted Desert Recovery is nutritional therapy. The basis of a healthy lifestyle is a nutritious diet, so we want to show you how food can be the fuel for your recovery.
  • Experiential Therapy – This type of treatment uses exhilarating activities to build your self-esteem and enhance your self-confidence. Also, experiential therapy shows you that you can enjoy yourself without drugs or alcohol.
  • Group Therapy – Our group therapy setting is a non-judgmental environment to share thoughts and emotions. The women in group therapy sessions are in similar situations, so they can provide encouragement and understanding.
  • Intensive Outpatient Therapy – In an intensive outpatient therapy program at Painted Desert Recovery, clients attend therapy sessions several times each week but leave at the end of each day and return home. It’s a type of therapy that won’t disrupt the daily life.
  • Art Therapy – For some clients, it may be challenging to communicate emotional pain in traditional “talk therapy” sessions. Art therapy allows them to express themselves non-verbally.
  • Equine Therapy – One of our more unique addiction treatment therapy methods is equine therapy, where our clients ride and care for horses. Equine therapy allows you to focus less on yourself and more on the horse’s needs.

Benefits of Addiction Therapy Programs

Therapy for addiction treatment produces better outcomes for our clients.

Some of the benefits of addiction treatment therapy include:

  • Support system – The women that you meet in addiction treatment therapy become a valuable resource for motivation to maintain recovery.
  • Repaired relationships – Addiction often damages relationships with friends and family. Addiction treatment therapy helps to mend connections with loved ones.
  • Enhanced well-being – Addiction treatment therapy at Painted Desert Recovery improves physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Time to focus – When you attend addiction therapy programs with us, you are giving yourself time to solely focus on your recovery.
  • Identification of triggers – While in addiction treatment therapy, you can identify the people or places that may cause a relapse. Once you know what these “triggers” are, you can work on strategies to avoid them.

Learn How Our Addiction Therapy Programs Are the Key to Recovery

The addiction therapy programs at Painted Desert Recovery are the building blocks of long-lasting recovery. If you are considering addiction treatment, reach out to our outstanding staff today for more information. Contact us today by calling 844.540.0357 or completing our secure online form.