Painted Desert Recovery

A Safe and Nurturing Addiction Recovery Center for Women

About Painted Desert Recovery

Painted Desert Recovery is a 60-day residential program for women ready to overcome the challenges of addiction.  Painted Desert offers a gender-specific program where women are empowered as they progress through recovery. 

Painted Desert Recovery focuses on treatment that utilizes experiential and holistic therapeutic modalities as women uncover layers of underlying issues that may be causing the addiction. Healing in this way provides our clients hope for a future where they can have healthier relationships with their loved ones and a life free from addiction.

Who Is the Painted Desert Woman?

Who is the Painted Desert Woman? She is fierce, she is deserving, and she belongs. While she may walk through the doors of Painted Desert feeling less than – we see her. She is a woman whose voice matters – we hear her, She shows up, and she is accepted. She is a woman who found her way to a place where she is safe; a space where she and other women in their journey towards healing are empowered by their inherent worth and value; a place where she comes to know true belonging.

To the women who may be wondering if Painted Desert Recovery is the right place for you:

We See You

We Hear You

We Accept You

You Belong

What We Treat

At Painted Desert Recovery, our substance abuse treatment programs are designed for the specific needs of women. Our priority is to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the recovery process. Our evidence-based behavioral treatment programs address your specific recovery needs, and our Painted Desert Recovery team makes you feel at home during your time with us. We want you to feel uplifted and encouraged as you meet and exceed your drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment goals.

Addiction Therapy Programs

The addiction therapy programs at Painted Desert Recovery include conventional methods such as individual therapy, food and nutrition therapy, and group therapy. PDR also offers more unorthodox addiction therapy methods, including art therapy, experiential therapy, and equine therapy. The goal of addiction therapy at Painted Desert Recovery is to tailor an individualized care plan that meets each client’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Painted Desert Recovery different from other addiction treatment centers in the area?

Painted Desert Recovery has a familial atmosphere, unlike anything in the area, which helps to create a strong support group for our clients. Additionally, Painted Desert Recovery’s programs and therapies are specifically designed for women only.

What additional services does Painted Desert Recovery provide?

Among other services, Painted Desert Recovery offers yoga, meditation, and smoking cessation classes.

What kinds of conditions can be treated at Painted Desert Recovery?

Painted Desert Recovery specializes in comprehensive treatment for addiction to alcohol, stimulants, benzos, and opiates. 

Insurance Verification

While Painted Desert Recovery does not accept Medicaid, we are partnered with a variety of private insurances.

Painted Desert Recovery

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