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Women considering day treatment to improve mental healthMental health disorders and substance use disorders are often intertwined. It is also critical for people struggling with addiction to address any mental health disorders they may have. This is especially true for women. For example, women are nearly twice as likely to suffer from major depression as men. Depression can be a significant contributing factor to substance use disorders in women. Therefore, it is crucial for women with mental health disorders and addiction issues to seek help from rehab specialists in an appropriate therapeutic setting. For example, Painted Desert Recovery offers addiction therapy programs in Utah.

Suppose you are a woman considering enrolling in an addiction treatment program. In that case, the Painted Desert Recovery team understands that it might not be possible to put your life on hold to receive treatment for mental health or addiction disorders. That’s why addiction day treatment at our women’s rehab center can be the right solution for your recovery needs. Call 844.540.0357 to connect with our day treatment addiction center in Utah.

What Is Day Treatment?

Day treatment for mental health is a therapeutic approach that allows clients to continue to meet their daily obligations while receiving treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. When enrolled in a day treatment program at Painted Desert Recovery, you can still live at home and attend school or work while receiving the support you need to maintain your recovery goals.

Usually, day treatment programs consist of structured, in-person therapy sessions that you attend several times per week, depending on your goals and needs. Day treatment programs typically include the following:

  • Comprehensive treatment
  • Educational services
  • Therapeutic activities

This holistic approach to treatment helps resolve mental, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional distress to improve functioning and overall well-being.

Benefits of a Day Treatment Program

Day treatment for mental health disorders has helped to produce positive outcomes for women at Painted Desert Recovery. Some of the numerous benefits of a day treatment program include the following:

  • Cost-efficiency – A day treatment program allows clients to receive a high level of care without the high cost of a residential program.
    Family participation – Relationships with family may become damaged due to addiction or mental health disorders. Day treatment programs allow family members to be active participants in your recovery.
  • Flexible schedule – As previously mentioned, a day treatment program lets you continue to meet your daily work, school, or family obligations.
  • Support system – When you are enrolled in a day treatment program, you bond with other women who understand your journey because they are in a similar situation. This support system is beneficial to long-term recovery.

Painted Desert Recovery team members understand that day treatment might not be the right fit for every woman’s needs. We also offer residential treatment and partial hospitalization programs (PHP) if you need more intensive care.

Painted Desert Recovery Founded to Give Women Hope

The Painted Desert Recovery is an addiction treatment center exclusively open to women. Our facility is located in New Harmony, Utah, surrounded by the peaks of Pine Mountain, Bumblebee Range, and Kolob Canyon. This scenic environment is the perfect setting for women in recovery to find peace and serenity.

Our outstanding team sets Painted Desert Recovery apart from other addiction treatment centers. We have years of combined experience helping women find the inner strength to end their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Learn More About the Day Treatment Program at Painted Desert Recovery

The day treatment program at Painted Desert Recovery may be the right fit for your mental health and recovery needs. We want your treatment plan to be flexible to fit your schedule so that you receive the best possible care. Contact the Painted Desert Recovery team today for more information about our day treatment program or any other program by calling 844.540.0357.