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/Addiction is a widespread problem across the country. Dr. Gabor Mate defines addiction as “any behavior that a person finds temporary pleasure or relief in, and therefore craves, but that they can’t give up despite the negative consequences to themselves or those around them. It’s craving pleasure and relief in the short term despite the harm in the long term.”

A Residential Program for Women Facing Trauma and Addiction

Many feel the need to treat addictive behavior. The team at Painted Desert Recovery believes in treating what lies beneath the surface, thus the importance of doing trauma work.

Dr. Stephanie Covington defines trauma as “any kind of external event that overwhelms someone’s capacity to cope. It takes many forms. It is experienced differently by different people with different histories.” For many, unhealthy and addictive behaviors take over the lives of individuals as the traumatic event or events go unresolved.

Therapeutic Approach

Although signs of substance abuse vary depending on the drug of choice, there are typically physical and psychological indicators that occur.

Painted Desert Recovery is dedicated to nurturing an environment where women feel safety and acceptance; a space where they can heal their mind, body and spirit. Too often we see that women start on the path of recovery, then find themselves uncertain or lost along that path due to unresolved trauma. Painted Desert provides an all-inclusive, integrative program to support women through their own healing process.

Dr. Covington also states, “The mantra in the addiction field historically was that you had to be clean and sober for a year before you could do trauma work, but many people never got the year, and they never had any opportunity to do anything with their trauma. But the two are linked. Postponing the treatment of trauma for a year denies clients an important opportunity for healing. Instead, we have to make sure enough is in place in order for the client to sustain recovery from addiction while doing the trauma work.”

It is our belief that successful, long-term recovery develops when we focus on the individual and strive to clinically and therapeutically meet her needs. We focus on the client and listen to her as we thoroughly assess and examine her current and past difficulties or hardships. In order to provide her with the best clinical care she needs to feel heard, understood and encouraged. We believe this support will help her believe in herself and her strengths to do the work necessary to living a healthy and joyful life in recovery.

Our professionally trained and compassionate therapists, counselors and peer support specialists provide a variety of different therapies to support our clients in their healing process, as they work through trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, process addictions, and self-defeating behaviors. At Painted Desert Recovery, we are committed to providing an environment of healing in a respectful and safe atmosphere, where women are encouraged to heal through traditional, individual, group, and experiential therapy.

If someone you care about may have a substance use disorder, today is the day to be their advocate and help them begin the journey to recovery. Painted Desert Recovery is a substance abuse treatment center for women that can be an ally on the road to a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

What Is Trauma Responsive Care?

Painted Desert Recovery is committed to providing trauma-responsive care. Often, programs will refer to themselves as being trauma informed. While being informed, educated and empathetic towards clients that have experienced trauma, being trauma-responsive focuses on the program as a whole. Each staff member from the founders to our groundskeeper are empowered in their positions as they look through the trauma lens to provide a feeling of safety in every aspect of our programming. We are devoted to the women we treat in each and every interaction we have. How we communicate on the first phone call, how one feels when they read our website, how one feels when they enter the doors and each step taken thereafter is in alignment with a trauma-responsive approach.

Just like we treat the whole person, the program itself should be looked at in a holistic way to best serve the clients we treat as well as supporting those who treat the individual. The concept of trauma-responsive care applies to our workplace and the Painted Desert employees. We remain steadfast and dedicated to creating an environment that attentiveness to everyone’s safety and well-being.

Your Loved One Deserves the Best Substance Abuse Treatment

Of course, you want your loved one to receive the highest level of care in a substance abuse treatment center. Painted Desert Recovery can be an oasis of hope for those fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Learn more about our programs by reaching out to our dedicated staff today. Contact us by calling 844.540.0357 or completing our confidential online form.